What is a pop-up wedding?

Not interested in spending a fortune on a wedding or going about it in a traditional way? If you answered 'yes' to this question, then a pop-up wedding might be for you!

Saying 'I do' in front on a glowing sunset in, for example, Valley of Fire National Park has never been easier! With countless ceremony sites, you can literally get married anywhere we can pull "The Teardrop" up to.

Is there room for guests?

The nature of these ceremonies is precise & to-the-point, it's all about love anyway, right!? So keeping witnesses to a minimum is preferred. Legally you need one witness to get married in Las Vegas, other than your officiant, Victoria Hogan.

What's included in a wedding?

In one hours time you'll get:

  • Married by a legal officiant, Victoria Hogan.
  • Transportation to & from site (for under 4 people.)
  • Amazing backdrops based on your choosing, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. We also have some recommendations for spots that we adore, if you're having a hard time deciding.
  • Wedding planning help & lots of advice on making your day special!
  • Photographer recommendations, we love Gaby Jeter! She only shoots film & compliments our vintage aesthetic perfectly! Gaby J Photography

For more elaborate ceremonies we pull out all the bells & whistles with flowers (by me), donuts by O Face Doughnuts, champagne, rings & photography! Did you know there's a full-sized bed included in the cabin of the Teardrop? For the adventurous couple, it can become your honeymoon destination as well! Please include interest when emailing for pricing.


Basic in-town packages start at $450 but please email for pricing & availability.

Who's behind it all?

Victoria Hogan has been working in creative fields for over a decade & (no pun intended) married all of her expertise to create pop-up elopements. Growing up on a farm, obtaining a Master of Fine Arts degree & being present in the floral design world utilizes everything needed to make a truly unique wedding ceremony. After a lot of thought & creative deliberation creating pop-up elopements became a way to set herself apart in the saturated wedding world that is Las Vegas. Victoria built the Teardrop chapel by hand & spent many months perfecting it's aesthetic. You won't find another one like it!